Why is there a monkey used in a symbol for intellectual disability?

This will be a short blog post, but something I’d really like to get off my chest.

So, I’m currently in the process of writing a piece about women with an intellectual disability and abuse, and it occurred to me that I should try and find some appropriate images to include in my post. So i googled “intellectual disability” and I came across this sign:

Can someone tell me what the correlation is between monkeys and people with an intellectual disability? I’m pretty sure most people, disability or not, really enjoy eating fruit and nuts. Especially hazelnuts, because they trick me into thinking I’m eating a healthy version of Nutella!

Also, this sign:

Now if this is supposed to help people with an intellectual disability, then I’m concerned because as someone without an intellectual disability, I can barely associate the relevance of the images with the words. Am I just a silly head or what? Besides why does a person with an intellectual disability need to have an intellectual grasp of what passion is? They should just be able to feel it, and enjoy the feeling!

Okay, I’m done for the evening.


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