What is ABA Therapy?

#Autism #Autismawareness #Disabilityrights #ABATherapy I am not an expert on ABA therapy, but I like to think I know enough about it, and have had enough exposure to it, that I can comment on the impact it may have on Autistic people. ABA Therapy stands for Applied Behavioural Analysis, and it is a psychological interventionContinue reading “What is ABA Therapy?”

Treat Autistic Adults like Adults

There is no excuse for speaking to an Autistic person like they’re a popular breed of puppy. The patronisation can vary from person to person, and based on what ‘degree’ of Autism a person may live with. For example, I was booked for a public speaking session once and was required to travel interstate. UponContinue reading “Treat Autistic Adults like Adults”